Provisional Restorations in Lanham, MD

Provisional Restorations in Lanham, MD

Provisional restorations are often made use of during complicated restorative dental procedures. Their primary purpose is to serve as temporary prosthetic replacements while the patients wait to be fitted with the permanent restoration. Additionally, the provisional restorations enable the patients to have a trial run with the look and feel of the final prosthetic. If required, the necessary changes can be carried out before the final fabrication and fitting. The latest provisional restorations are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, unlike the temporary restorations of the past. The modern-day temporaries are fabricated from a quality acrylic resin that imitates the look and feel of permanent restorations.

How are the Provisional Restorations helpful?

Provisional restorations are a significant component of smile makeovers. In addition to extending cosmetic benefits for patients with missing or damaged teeth, temporary restorations offer the following functions:

  • The provisional restorations help in reserving the space for the permanent restoration by preventing surrounding tooth movement.
  • They extend protection for the natural teeth's shape and are prepared in anticipation of a permanent restoration.
  • The shape and natural contours of the gums surrounding the restoration are retained with the help of provisional restorations.
  • The dentin is protected from exposure to bacteria and plaque.
  • While waiting for the permanent restoration, the tooth which has been prepared tends to become sensitive. This sensitivity can be prevented with the assistance of temporary restorations.
  • These restorations will help facilitate normal eating and speaking.

What is the process involved in the fabrication of Provisional Restorations?

The provisional restorations, also known as temporaries, are fabricated in a dental laboratory by using digital images and impressions and digital images of your teeth. The lab will make a wax model that has to be approved by you before going ahead with the fabrication of the temporary restoration. The dentist will prepare your teeth for the provisional restorations and temporarily attach them to your teeth. You have to wear them until you are ready for your permanent restorations.

How long should the provisional restorations be worn?

The temporary restorations may need to be worn for just a few days or a few months, and it is dependent on the type of dental reconstruction you are undertaking. In crowns or veneers, the temporary restorations may only need to be worn for a few days to a few weeks. In contrast, full-mouth reconstruction and dental implant patients will have to wear provisional restorations till the gums heal, and the implants fuse with the surrounding bone. It should be kept in mind that provisional restorations are not as strong as permanent ones, and hence good care should be taken of them.

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